About the VICTOR'S VITTLES logo

Victor's Vittles LogoThe cross at the center - of the word "victor," of this endeavor, of our lives. The word VICTOR"S formed with the cross as the "T" is in a modern font in keeping with our church architecture. The lettering is bold and in relief; the color a mixture of gold and wood – if the cross is simply wood, we stop short of the resurrection; if it is only gold, we minimize the suffering and sacrifice of the Redeemer.

The Risen, Victorious Christ – above the cross, breaking bread for us and for all. Jesus came to serve, not to be served, and as His body on earth we do this in His name.

The sun – symbolizing Christ’s light, his glory. The figure of Jesus is not quite contained within the sphere, symbolizing that He stepped away from His power for us, becoming Man to save man. The sun, low in the morning sky, also symbolizes a new day for Christus Victor as we begin our outreach to a needy community.

Vittles – in a lively active font, to symbolize our enthusiasm and energy as we begin Victor’s Vittles. The color red is to tie in with our church roof.

The food at the foot of the cross – we begin this program for Jesus, because of Jesus. We lay the food at the foot of the cross as a meager offering to repay that which can never be repaid.