The Meaning behind our Stained Glass window

Pastor Joe doing one of his weekly "Kid Talks"

The first thing the eye is drawn to is the large cross running the entire length of the ‘window wall’. It’s formed in WHITE glass as that is the color of Resurrection-Christ, the Victor over Death and Evil.


Surrounding the cross is BLUE (the color of hope) because Christus Victor is the center of our hope. Further, the risen Christ’s presence extends throughout the entire Universe.


Within the design one sees circles formed (an ancient symbol for eternity) emanating out from the cross indicating that hope in Christ is an eternal hope.


Finally, the circles are oval and the cross is offset to carry the impression of movement. In a sense, the entire design points to the church doors as a reminder that each Sunday we depart to serve our Risen Lord the Victor. Clearly, the most glass is concentrated around the center of the cross ...showing that Jesus should be kept at the very center of our lives.


Christus Victors Stained Glass Wall