Youth Ministry





Our Fellowship committee schedules events within the chruch that are designed to increase the relationship bond within the congregation as disciples of Christ. Sometimes it is just a good thing to get together, check in with one another and share a meal together. Christus Victor has many opportunites to share meals, hold events that are traditional Lutheran events, and some events are going out to experience a "Good Ole Baseball game." Everyone is invited to these events and we would love to have you or meet you for the first time!


Social Ministry:


One of our "crown jewels" of ministry is Victor's Vittles. This ministry has been in existence for over 15 years. Our members recognized the need...the basic need for food by members of our community. Answering God's call, they created this ministry where members of the community who are in need may come once a month and shop for their food needs. This operates 52 weeks out of the year, weather permitting in the winter, with a dedicated group of volunteers. You are invited to come check it out if you want to volunteer and community hours for students are also given.


We are also searching for other ways to reach out to the larger community. Our social ministry team constantly seeks ways to be a voice in the community and working with the community to bring God's kingdom of community and care into Carney/Parkville area.


Our social ministries consist of:

-Victor Vittles


-Quiliting Ladies


-Women of the ELCA


-Prayer Shawl group



Youth Group
Outside excercise at Mar-Lu-Ridge
Youth Group
Horseback riding at Mar-Lu-Ridge
Youth Group
A concert at YouthQuake
Youth Group
Youth Group conducting a Youth Service at Christus Victor
Youth Group
Campfire songs Mar-Lu-Ridge